Girl’s sweatshirt LY20-040

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Style No.: LY20-040
Color: Navy
Size Range: 4-12A
Fabric: 100% cotton fleece,280gsm
Accessory: Elastic tape, Rhinestone
Feature: Raglan sleeve + 3pcs panels with raw edge mesh in double colors
Remarks: Placement print with ironed rhinestones, Fur patch embroidery

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The advantage of the sweat shirt is that it’s convenient and quick, and it won’t make mistakes. This kind of matching clothes for you is particularly harmonious, and harmony is taken into account in the design, so when you wear it, it will look very matching and won’t feel abrupt. The traditional knitted sweater fabric is a kind of fabric with added yarn. It uses two finer yarns as face yarn and ground yarn, and another thicker yarn as backing yarn. The thicker backing yarn forms many unclosed loops on the back of the fabric, which can increase the warmth retention of the fabric. It is a common fabric for knitted clothing in spring and autumn. The cold weather in autumn and winter, perhaps only a clear heart can completely sweep away the pure plain color, coupled with the simple and comfortable version, even if there is no strong shape, a warm sweater with a big hat is enough to comfort the frozen body. Camouflage gives people a kind of warrior spirit, and the big body is gray, giving people a sense of care and calm, but the front printing and embroidery with warm red, bright yellow, let the original more mature introverted suit, leisure more interesting.

If you like the convenient and quick wear, the suit is a good choice, because the suit has already helped you to match, for the tangled people do not need how to wear, convenient and easy. Suit refers to the well-designed matching of upper and lower trousers, skirt, coat and shirt. There are two-piece sets and three-piece sets. It is usually made of clothes, trousers and skirts of the same color, material or style. The change of style is mainly in the coat, which is usually named after the style of the coat or differentiated from the variety. In the past, most matching garments were cut with the same color and material. But in recent years, it’s not made of the same color and material. But the modeling style between suits is basically consistent, and the color matching is coordinated, which gives people the impression of tidiness, harmony and unity. Choose this way of wearing in the workplace. The dark blue jacket with cold camouflage and camouflage pants suit gives people a calm and introverted feeling, but the red band on the sleeve and the warm red color on the front print also give people a feeling of introverted and a little angry. In general, suits save a lot of things for people who don’t like to match.

With the improvement of consumers’ fashion perception, more and more children’s clothing customers have higher and higher demand for fashion, lovely and personalized clothing patterns. Ordinary printed sweat shirt is no longer the only choice for customers. The application of laser technology fabric, color text three-dimensional embroidery and bead technology will be the new direction of pattern technology.


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