How to choose children’s clothing

Children’s clothing is known for its variety and rapid changes. When buying children’s clothing, consumers must consider whether the style and color of the clothing can be liked by the child, but also whether the clothing is more affordable and comfortable to wear. Conducive to the safety and healthy growth of children. For this reason, it is recommended that consumers consider the following five aspects when purchasing children's clothing.

Every parent hopes that their children can grow up healthily. However, since the implementation of the new national standard "National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications", many children's clothing have been found to be substandard. Therefore, you must choose carefully when you buy children's clothing. Will affect the health of the child. Although substandard products are mainly caused by minor problems such as unclear signs, individual "disease-causing" problems can affect children's health.

First, safety and health are the prerequisites for buying children's clothing.

Children are weak and have poor resistance. As a child’s second skin, the hygiene and environmental protection of children’s clothing is particularly important. Therefore, children’s physical characteristics should be fully considered when choosing children’s clothing, and they should be soft, breathable, comfortable, safe and healthy. , Pay attention to the following points:

1. There should be no aerobic bleaching treatment and anti-mildew and flame-proof finishing;

2. There should be no musty, gasoline and other toxic odors;

3. Do not use decomposable toxic aromatic amine dyes, carcinogenic dyes and dyes that may cause allergic infections;

4. The formaldehyde, extractable heavy metal content, leaching solution PH value, color fastness and pesticide residues in clothes should all meet the national environmental protection standards for direct skin contact;

5. The entire finished product has undergone scientific and strict treatment from procurement, production to packaging and shipment, and conforms to the national environmental protection requirements.

Second, choose suitable children's clothing from the functionality and comfort of the fabric.

Children are lively and active, and have no sense of protecting clothes, so the fabric should be strong, durable, and not easily damaged. Children have a large range of exercise and high skin sensitivity. When buying children's clothing, you must fully consider the comfort of the clothes and the quick moisture-wicking function of the fabric. We might recommend some clothes with soft and elastic fabrics, such as: clothes made of cotton, silk, wool and other ingredients. This will not only be comfortable and natural to wear on the body, but also can greatly express the purity and spirituality of the child, and give People have an elegant and intelligent feeling.

For infants and young children, it is best to choose pure cotton clothing, the kind without phosphors, and the color should be soft white.

Third, it is conducive to the growth and development of children to choose suitable styles of children's clothing.

When choosing children's clothing, the child's nature should be taken into consideration. The child is in the developmental stage and should mainly use loose and natural casual clothing. Wearing elegant, free and easy, loose-fitting casual clothes, it is very convenient to do games, sports, etc.; it is not only conducive to physical development, but also gives people a gentle, lovely, comfortable and casual feeling.

Fourth, choose children's clothing from the aspect of sewing workmanship.

Pay attention to whether there are obvious weaving defects in the main parts of children's clothing, whether there are color differences in the main seams, fabric "slip", fabric "wire", etc., and the texture of various accessories and decorations, such as whether the zipper is slippery, whether the button is smooth or not. Whether the snap button is tight, whether the snap button is tight or not, and whether the surface parts of the adhesive lining, such as the collar, the lap, the bag cover, and the placket are degummed, blistered or seeped.

Fifth, choose according to the content of the children's clothing logo.

Consumers can judge whether children's clothing is a qualified product in a regular channel based on whether the label is complete. The label generally contains the following content: whether there is a trademark, Chinese factory name, and factory address; whether there is a clothing number label; whether there is a component label; whether there is Graphical symbols and descriptions of the washing label; whether there is a product certificate, executive standard number, quality level and other labels.

Based on the above five aspects, we should pay attention to the color, style and fabric when choosing children's clothing. At the same time, we should give full consideration to the child's physical characteristics. It should reflect the softness, breathability, comfort, safety and health, so as to choose the style. "Take a look", "touch" the selection of fabrics, and "sniff" to identify odors.

Post time: Jun-01-2021