The compatibility of fashion and practicality

Modern people expects to return to their original life from daily impetuosity & anxiety and pursues the true life. With an exquisite tailoring and comfortable, simple & casual sport jacket, we can slow down our steps from our fast and tense life with a solemn sense of silence.


This sport jacket is suitable for all kinds of life scenes, whether it is jogging, hiking and other outdoor sports or indoor training. With high functional sports characteristics, it can be flexibly used in various sports and easily convert from the sport field to the daily leisure. This full cotton material uses the fabric medium weight with special yarn to weave into the natural texture fabric surface, then compound the functional fabric, which makes the sport jacket to achieve the maximum warmth retention and extensibility.


Our R&D team uses the bonded functional fabric to achieve warm, extensibility, comfortable & fashion effects. With a draw cord on hood, a elastic on bottom and cuff & a latest fashion waterproof & punching zipper, this design will be more waterproof and cold-proof. The latest fashion of garment products is the geometric punching design, which not only improve the style texture & interestingness but also satisfy the young people’s pursuit of diversification and individuality, it is also a perfect interpretation of conventional aesthetics.

However people’s pursuit in clothing is to pay more attention to the compatibility of fashion and practicality, such as Girl’s raincoat. The diversity of material makes raincoat to be rich and colorful, the difference of texture not only meets the different seasonal needs, but also makes the raincoat have totally different styles and features. The fashion, personality and product image with no longer single style are in line with the current millennial people’ choice of pursuing individuality and actual wear.


This Girl’s raincoat breaks the style and material of traditional raincoat, which not only can be used as shelter in cloudy and rainy days, but also can be used as a coat to wear normally, its bright color collocation brings a vibrant feeling for people.


The raincoat body uses coated artificial fabrics instead of conventional PVC fabrics, which has greater elasticity and allows children to stretch their bodies in large radians to release their natural instincts. It increases more interestingness to put the various shapes of sequins on the transparent PVC fabrics of hood and hem and make the people who wear them become the highlights of the crowd, the zipper is also made of PVC material, which is better to match with the fabrics.

Post time: May-06-2020