• Girl’s sweatshirt LY20-040

    Girl’s sweatshirt LY20-040

    Style No.: LY20-040
    Color: Navy
    Size Range: 4-12A
    Fabric: 100% cotton fleece,280gsm
    Accessory: Elastic tape, Rhinestone
    Feature: Raglan sleeve + 3pcs panels with raw edge mesh in double colors
    Remarks: Placement print with ironed rhinestones, Fur patch embroidery
  • Girl’s dress WP-3223

    Girl’s dress WP-3223

    Style No.: WP-3223
    Color: White/Navy
    Size Range: 4-12A
    Fabric: 95% cotton 5% spandex single jersey,160gsm + 100% polyester lace ; Lower shell: 100% polyester mesh, lower lining: 95% cotton 5% spandex single jersey,160gsmwith all-over print
    Accessory: Sequin, Diamond
    Feature: Bag patch/sequin embroidery, Mesh bow with diamond by hand sewing
    Remarks: Lace panel on front body, Pleated mesh with raw edge on waist
  • Girl’s padded jacket (Long length pattern) FH20-047

    Girl’s padded jacket (Long length pattern) FH20-047

    Style No.: FH20-047
    Color: White
    Size Range: 4-12A
    Fabric: Shell: 100% polyester 50D woven fabric with all-over foil print ; Body/sleeve lining: 210T taffeta , Hood lining: Fake rabbit fur ; Hood opening: Detachable fake rabbit fur ; Filling: Silk-like wadding by hand
    Accessory: Transparent button, Snap button, Metal gold buckle, Plastic zipper
    Feature: All-over foil print on shell fabric, Fake rabbit fur on cuff and hood opening
    Remarks: All-over foil print, Waist belt, Windproof sleeve cuff with 1x1 flat-knitted rib
  • Men’s Sport Hoddies  SX-2183

    Men’s Sport Hoddies SX-2183

    Style No.: SX-2183
    Color: Black/Lt.grey/Red
    Size Range:S-M-L-XL-XXL
    Fabric: 70% cotton 25% polyester 5% spandex fleece,260g
    Accessory: Plastic zipper, Herringbone tape, Hood drawcord
    Remarks: Placement rubber print left chest & sleeve, Cut & sewn panels on shoulder & sleeve, Kangaroo pocket
  • Men’s Hoddies  SH-965

    Men’s Hoddies SH-965

    Style No.: SH-965 Accessory: Waterproof nylon zipper, Silver reflective zipper, Herringbone tape, Elastic string, Eyelet, Plastic stopper Feature:Cut & sewn panels on front body, sleeve & shoulder Remarks: All-over print on main fabric, Fake pocket with Silver reflective zipper + reflective print on left chest. The sweatshirt that is fashionable in the 1980s is the most common one in people’s modern life, and also becomes an indispensable clothes for menwear. In terms of practic...
  • Men’s Polo shirt  SX-2349

    Men’s Polo shirt SX-2349

    Style No.: SX-2349
    Color: Red
    Size Range:S-M-L-XL
    Fabric: 100% cotton pique,210g
    Accessory: Plastic button, Woven tape, Flat-Rib
    Remarks: All-over print+Embroidery
  • Men’s Sport T-shirt  SH-693

    Men’s Sport T-shirt SH-693

    Feature:Breathable Remarks: All-over print The printed T-shirt is an ingenious combination of art and fashion and a warm impact of the color and pattern, which highlights the young people’s youth and publicity personality. A simple but not simple design is a veritable T-shirt. No matter it is a white T-shirt in summer or a sweatshirt in winter, the letter printing is indispensable. The design of street tide printing is mainly based on the pattern or color with sensory stimulation. The p...
  • Men’s Polo shirt  SH-732

    Men’s Polo shirt SH-732

    Style No.: SH-732 Accessory: Plastic button, Woven tape, Flat-Rib Remarks: All-over print+Embroidery With the popularity of men’s fashion, Men’s Polo fabric with full lettering is becoming more and more popular. The young Polo knitted fabric with a vibrant and eye-catching feel also with strong return. The pique and plain knit fabric are decorated in the part of men polo shirt through color block splicing, bright color wide stripe and letter printing. Whether it is the pique with ...
  • Men’s Shorts  B300155

    Men’s Shorts B300155

    Style No.: B300155 Accessory: Elastic, Drawcord Remarks: Placement rubber print, Patch pocket with print on right back            As one of the most common daily items, the shorts are popular with consumers all year round. Functional wind is still popular, the loose and simple sport show a strong sense of modeling, which becomes a new concern. In terms of technology, the combination of color and material is still the performance direction of designers, which also gives the style greater innov...
  • Girl’s warm leggings/XN-8037

    Girl’s warm leggings/XN-8037

    This close-fitting legging, which is indispensable for winter, is made of thick, dense, delicate and soft mirco velvet. This fine fabric is not only warm, but also flexible and intimate. It has high standard skin conformant, the fluff is not easy to be polished and overwhelmed, and it is more durable and not easy to fade and deform and wrinkle after repeated washing. The double-layered feature provides very good wind resistance and long-lasting warm. The waistband is made of body fabric with ...
  • Men’s Long pants  SH-973

    Men’s Long pants SH-973

    Style No.: SH-973 Accessory: Elastic, Drawcord, Nylon zipper Feature:Cut & sewn panels on front sides Remarks: Placement reflective print on front panel, Patch pocket on right back           This product uses camouflage color contrast splicing to give a huge visual impact, which is as eye-catching as the gorgeous performance presented by the circus. The weird style is suitable for young consumer groups. The scattered solid color splicing gives sports pants an independent and natural perso...
  • Camouflage vest/SH-1016

    Camouflage vest/SH-1016

    Accessory: Silicon label, Elastic binding, Piping cord, Plastic zipper Remarks: All-over print Because of the cold weather, many people choose long cotton-padded clothes. It’s really a fetter feeling to wear long shape clothes, but choosing short shape clothes is not enough to keep warm. So the most suitable one should be cotton-padded vest. This design of vest is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also convenient for activities. It is also the choice of many people This kind of ho...
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